3 Reasons To Buy Organic Chicken in Vancouver

POSTED ON: Feb 20 ,2017

If you are contemplating whether you should switch to buying organic chicken in Vancouver, here are three tips that might point you in the organic direction.

Reason 1: Great variety

One of the top reasons for choosing organic chicken in Vancouver is the superb variety and choice that now exists in the city, with there being an increasing number of organic food retailers and specialists springing up all over the area. As a result, the organic chicken in Vancouver is some of the best in the country, making it a great reason to sample its healthy and delicious characteristics.

Being on the forefront of emerging trends in Canada, Vancouver is a haven for all things organic, so why not make the most of it?

Reason 2: Antibiotic free

As a larger number of people are becoming more concerned at the additional substances that are added into their meat, options that reduce this are becoming increasingly sought after.

Consequently, organic chicken in Vancouver has risen in popularity, as it is required to be free of antibiotics. This means that you can consume itin the safe knowledge that no antibiotics have been used on the chicken during its lifetime.

Reason 3: Animal welfare

If animal welfare is a concern for you, choosing to eat free-range organic chicken in Vancouver is one of the most effective ways you can go about honouring this conern. As free range organic chickens are required access to the outdoors, you can be sure they have had a much healthier and gratifying upbringing than their conventionally-farmed alternatives.

In summary

Whether you are choosing to buy organic chicken in Vancouver for reasons of animal welfare, the superb variety, quality and flavour, or for being antibiotic free, the next time you consider your purchase, why not make it an organic choice? You are certainly living in the right area to make the switch.