3 Benefits to Choosing Organic Grass Fed Meat

POSTED ON: Mar 17 ,2017

If you have been keeping an eye on the changing trends in the food industry lately, you may have noticed one of the fastest growing trends is organic grass fed meat.

So, what exactly are the reasons in opting for organic grass fed meat? Here are three benefits to help explain the movement.

Less fat

If you are looking for a way to reduce the amount of fat in your diet, without compensating on the type of food that you eat, switching to organic grass fed meat can be a smart move. In having a leaner cut of meat, but with good marbling, you are still gaining all the delicious flavour, without much of the extra fat that comes with grain-fed meat.

There are a number of subtle cooking differences between the two, with the general rule of thumb being that grass fed meat should be cooked at a lower temperature, or for a shorter period of time.

Helping local

Organic grass fed meat has gone hand-in-hand with the farm to table, or pasture to plate movement, meaning you are often using a local source by choosing this product.

While it isn’t always the case, most of the time when you opt for organic grass fed meat, you are helping to support a hardworking, local rancher. Ensure you know the source of your organic grass fed meat, and you too can help your local farmers.

Omega-3 fatty acids

One of the stand out benefits of organic grass fed meat, particularly beef, is that it is higher in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, which many of us aren’t getting enough of in our diets.

If you aren’t eating other sources rich in omega-3, switching to organic grass fed meat can be a simple and easy way of upping your intake. While many people have been opting for supplements to help their diet, a simple change to organic grass fed meat might be all that it takes to help boost your omega-3 levels.